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Friedensforschung   Worldwebjournal     DialogLexikon    Worldpeaceaward  The task of our Institute is to conduct research on questions of conflict and cooperation of importance for international peace and security, with the aim of contributing to an understanding of the conditions for peaceful solutions of international conflicts and for a stable peace. the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo.  PRIO is an independent, international institute in staff, audience and perspective.  
Shalom Achshav
[Peace Now], was founded in 1978 by 348 reserve officers of the Israel Defense Forces who believed that only a negotiated end to the conflict in the Middle East could bring true security to Israel and her people.   
Americans for Peace Now [APN] was founded to help Shalom Achshav and to build an informed and empowered pro-peace American public.  IPPNW is a non-partisan, global federation of national medical organizations in more than 60 countries dedicated to research, education, and advocacy relevant to the prevention of nuclear war. To this end, IPPNW seeks to prevent all wars, to promote non-violent conflict resolution, and to minimize the effects of war and preparations for war on health, development, and the environment  The IPB is the world's oldest and most comprehensive international peace federation, bringing together people working for peace in many different sectors: not only pacifists but also women's, youth, labour, religious and professional bodies. IPB was founded in 1892 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910. It has 240 member organizations, both internationals and national/local groups in over 50 countries.  After a day of campaigning for the presidency, John F. Kennedy arrived at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor on October 14, 1960, at 2:00 a.m., to get some sleep, not to propose the establishment of an international volunteer organization. Members of the press had retired for the night, believing that nothing interesting would happen. 
But 10,000 students at the University were waiting to hear the presidential candidate speak, and it was there on the steps of the Michigan Union that a bold new experiment in public service was launched. The assembled students heard the future President issue a challenge: how many of them, he asked, would be willing to serve their country and the cause of peace by living and working in the developing world?
The reaction was both swift and enthusiastic, and over the last 40 years, more than 165,000 Americans have responded to this enduring challenge. And since then, the Peace Corps has demonstrated how the power of an idea can capture the imagination of an entire nation.  supporting a progressive community, working for Peace, the Environment, Civil Rights and Social Justice, through the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).  Peace Action (formerly SANE/Freeze) works to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons, the development of a peace-oriented economy, an end to the international weapons trade, and promotes non-military solutions to international conflicts. Peace Action has a membership of 85,000 persons, 27 state affiliates, and over 100 local chapters, making it the largest membership and activist peace network in the country. Peace Action members work for policy changes in Congress, state capitals, city halls and the United Nations.  Veterans for Peace, Inc. (VFP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolishment of war.  VFP was founded in 1985 by ex-service members committed to sharing the horrors they experienced.  Volunteers For Peace  International Workcamps  Pathways To Peace (PTP) is an international not-for-profit peace building, educational, and consulting organization.  The Victoria Peace Coalition is a diverse group of concerned citizens of all ages, religions and races. We are active in dozens of local organizations, many which have endorsed the Coalition. Think Locally, Act Globally!
Courage to Stop War, and Love your neighbours
After Afghanistan, Is Cuba & Iraq Our Next U.S. Hit Lists? Welcome to the website of the Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing Americans about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and assisting in a peaceful solution that brings security for both peoples. The Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories, published bimonthly by FMEP, provides up-to-date information on Israel's settlement policies as well as the ongoing negotations with the Palestinians over the future of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem.      The International Center for Peace and Development was established as a non-profit, non-governmental organization in 1997 to continue the work initiated by the International Commission on Peace and Food (ICPF). The Commission was constituted in 1989 by a group of 25 concerned scientists, professionals, international administrators, business, social and political leaders from 15 nations to promote global peace and development in the post-Cold War world. Welcome to TFF - analyses, ideas, links columns and debates.Find your global news and views on TNN. Buy publications and peace shares at TFF Store & Donations.

TFF's mission is peace: learning to handle conflicts with ever less violence against other human beings, other cultures and Nature. The purpose of this site is to serve as a virtual guide to, and library of, peace studies and conflict resolution. In 1990, I started working on this idea and by early 1992, before the world wide web existed, I created this internet site and transformed an older listserv on peace into the Peace Studies Discussion Group (or "Peace List") as a service to those in higher education interested in the interdisciplinary field of peace studies. A year-and-a-half later, I created a discussion group and web site for service-learning. It was my hope that the peace studies site and discussion group would enhance communication, information-sharing and learning across large distances, and help to nurture the peace studies community. At the time they were created, and for quite some time afterwards, this site and the Peace List were the only internet/web site and national discussion group on peace studies and conflict resolution (at the time, there were less than 300 sites on the entire internet...and no web). I continue to manage the web site and discussion group on a volunteer basis in my capacity as a founding editor, list owner and web site developer of Communications for a Sustainable Future (CSF), which is hosted by the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

"The setting up of a new non-profit organization called Non-Governmental Peace Strategies Project is a welcome initiative by Gianni Picco. The aim is to enlist private sector support in the peace and development work of the United Nations. As for the United Nations, we realize that our goals cannot be achieved without cooperation with the private sector. One of your priorities will be the creation of a culture of peace.
All too often in todayís world we live in a culture of violence, divided along ethnic, religious and cultural lines. By uniting against a common enemy - intolerance - we can take a stand against the culture of violence and for peace."

Secretary General
United Nations In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate
Muslim Peace Fellowship Ansar as-Salam
a gathering of peace and justice-oriented Muslims of all backgrounds who are dedicated to making the beauty of Islam evident in the world, founded in1994 

The Zones of Peace International Foundation (ZOPIF) is a non-profit organization with the vision of an evolving global culture of peace.

The mission of ZOPIF is to contribute to the evolution of the global culture of peace through fostering and assisting in the establishment of sites with special significance as Zones of Peace (ZOP) in active partnership with citizens, religious/spiritual and secular leaders, and their governments. PROFESSORS WORLD PEACE ACADEMY 

International Peace Academy (IPA) is an independent, international institution dedicated to promoting the prevention and settlement of armed conflicts between and within states through policy research and development.

Founded in 1970, IPA has built an extensive portfolio of activities in fulfillment of its mission  The PPU is an independent organisation of individuals from all walks of life. Their shared belief is that war and violent conflict are neither necessary nor inevitable. Their shared aim is to work towards creating a just world free from war.

After the bloodiest century in our history, itís clear that possession of weapons hasnít prevented war. Nor have weapons created security or lasting peace. Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace, and PEACE.CA, were incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the Canada Corporation Act on September 23, 1997. The founding directors are Robert Stewart, C.A., C.M.C. (refer to Message from Robert Stewart and his Curriculum Vitae), Marion Stewart, and Mrs. Agnes Stewart. the official site of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee The origins of the Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace can be traced to 1988. That year, for the first time, the mayor of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) proclaimed the week of Gandhi's birth anniversary Mahatma Gandhi Peace Week. This has since become an annual event.  Here you and your students will undertake an exciting, rewarding adventure. Together with kids in other cultures, your students will use a powerful way to help bring more peace in the world. Individually. Collectively. They will do it by globally exchanging their artistic expression with pictures. seeks to nurture communication among a diversity of women's organisations by providing an accessible and accurate information exchange between peace women around the world and the UN system.

Journalists, educators, and activists keep up to date on the important work of peacemaking by reading this popular and respected magazine. Four times a year we publish articles, news stories, book and film reviews, letters, and a calendar of events. We discuss disarmament; conflict resolution; nonviolent sanctions; peace institutions (e.g. the United Nations and the World Court); conflicts and crises around the world; profiles of activists and researchers; and controversies about development, population, and environmental protection. Our illustrated 32-page magazine includes an eight-page section produced in collaboration with Science for Peace. Our stories are technically accurate, yet intelligible to any reader with a general education and some interest in international affairs and global security.

Peace Magazine is published by Canadian Disarmament Information Service (CANDIS) -- a nonprofit organization. We rely heavily on volunteers, including our associate editors who select and commission articles for each issue.  Peacelink e' una associazione di volontariato dell' informazione che dal 1992 offre una alternativa ai messaggi proposti dai grandi gruppi editoriali e televisivi. PeaceLink collabora con associazioni di volontariato, insegnanti, educatori ed operatori sociali che si occupano di Pace, nonviolenza, diritti umani, liberazione dei popoli oppressi, rispetto dell'ambiente e liberta' di espressione. Tutti i volontari di PeaceLink svolgono il loro lavoro a titolo puramente gratuito, per dare voce a chi non ha voce.



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